Frontstage aggregates data from various core systems (ERP, PIM, CRM, CMS, DAM, ...) and transforms them into application-optimized formats. Working as a buffer, Frontstage lets you turn all buttons of a system without curtailing daily operations.

High performance in applications – and developing

Frontstage SDKs support developers in creating client-side, domain-specific applications. These SDKs exploit the individual strengths of environments (iOS, Android, Desktop, Web) and provide standard functions out-of-the-box to make implementation more efficient. Offline capability, pre-caching, content prioritization as framework configuration are standard, as is client-side indexing to enable full-text search, auto-complete and complex data filtering. Developers work with the accustomed technology stack an use the functionality of the respective SDK.

With its smart synchronization strategies, Frontstage acts as a data buffer, decoupling the application from core system availability.

Perfectly optimized data, automatically synchronized

Frontstage services initialize data synchronization based on a socket connection. The Frontstage gate acts as an API, providing the communication layer between the Frontstage services and the clients. These services run on a microservice architecture, are therefore scalable and are operated and rolled out on premise using Kubernetes or similar services. The connection to core systems happens push-and-pull style by Content Connector. All web services are available as REST or OData service and support by default the JSON and gRPC formats. Static application resources like photos, fonts, style information etc. are delivered tot he client by dedicated web servers.

Microservices as the basis of flexible, robust systems

Based on the Frontstage Auth services, we provide mapping to existing identity providers (Microsoft AD, SAP IDM, etc.) by standard routines (OAuth 2.0, SAML)

    Data providing and data collection Services are the core of data modelling and processing for client-side applications. Structured and unstructured data from heterogenous pre-systems get aggregated, segmented (horizontal, vertical) and localized. Additional data necessary for the application which are not (yet) managed in a backend system are acquired by the customization services and are used as a complement.

      Data selections, like product ranges, shopping carts etc., are stored in Frontstage by the dynamic data services in Frontstage or transferred straight to the core systems.

        Frontstage delivers...


        • Seamless connection to existing systems
        • Native SDKs for iOS, Android, desktop, web
        • Client-side indexing for highly performant filtering and search
        • Offline capability, content prioritization and pre-caching
        • User-centered development of business applications
        • Customized user interfaces with excellent UX
        • Stepwise linking towards full integration
        • Supplementing/enriching pre-system data

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        Both on-premises and in the Cloud, by application-driven processing and delivery of data, and providing native SDKs, Frontstage is the core technology for fully customized, highly perfomant applications with total focus on users and user experience. Frontstage lets your developers work in their accustomed environments, using standard technologies and interfaces. Frontstage Cockpit provides an environment for data-modelling.