A digitization project in 2014 was seminal for the Frontstage technology. Tasked with creating a sales app, digital agency Netural, in the market since 1998, had to solve the question how to match huge data demands with the best possible design quality and user experience.

“Frontstage” is Netural´s solution for speeding up innovation. The focus on users is part of Netural´s DNA.

Two-speed transformation

Over five years of development, Netural has created Frontstage, a solution which is now used in large-scale projects and companies, providing dual-speed transformation: speedy development of digital services, with connection to the backend at a later project stage. This is how Frontstage enables and accelerates digital business – born and grown up to meet the real demands of prominent brands in digital change processes.

„With Frontstage we offer a solution for building on existing structures in the most easy and flexible way.“

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Building on Frontstage, the Linz based company offers customized sales-support solutions of exceptional design and user experience quality.