User Experience Meets Data

Frontstage transports all kinds of data to the user, providing unique user experience, enabling and speeding up business digitization.

Optimized Multi-Platform Capability

Use individual platform-specific strengths while guarding a consistent, comprehensive business logic? Frontstage provides native mobile and web SDKs. Client-side indexing helps to boost performance.

Heterogenous Data Sources

Frontstages connects to a wide variety of core systems (SAP, Salesforce…), processing heterogenous data and optimizing them for use in domain-specific applications.


All kinds of hardware components interact at the POS, be it RFID or any other IoT technology: Frontstage´s amazing flexibility helps application developers to focus on the essential points.


Decide according to your IT compliance policy if you use Frontstage services on premise or in the cloud.

    Why Frontstage?

    Current core systems focus on ensuring the stability of the operative daily business. Providing terminal users with an optimized, aesthetically pleasing and, even more importantly, speedy user experience is not in their nature.

    Speedy and pleasing at the Frontend - even offline

    Frontstage provides a platform for standardized data exchange with all end terminals. Provide users with highly performant content – from the start, and with a pleasing user experience, one which will boost sales significantly.

    Innovation and stabilility at once.

    How is that possible? You can do amazing things with Frontstage.

    With two-phase transformation, Frontstage offers a whole new perspective for digital professionals: digitize and innovate here and now, and connect the core systems successively. This speeds up the time-to-market in marketing and sales enormously, while buying the necessary time IT operatives need to adapt internal processes and ensure the necessary quality.

    „„Frontstage eliminates bottlenecks to bring digital innovations to the market with enormous speed.““

    Who needs Frontstage – and for what?

    Digital sales promotion and salesforce automation

    Digital sales promotion and salesforce automation

    Promote and sell like never before!

    Provide sales representatives with the whole product range on their iPads at all times – highly presentable, always up-to-date, and also available offline

    Error-safe ordering in smart B-2-B shops

    Error-safe ordering in smart B-2-B shops

    User experience = performance!

    Retailers enjoy simple and error-safe (re)ordering in B-2-B shops - with real-time ERP sync

    Showroom experience with individual sell-in

    Showroom experience with individual sell-in

    Excite retailers at the POS!

    Present new products in the showroom - real or in AR/VR. Gather feedback and close range

    Leading brands and companies use Frontstage to digitize sales.

    From our client list:


    What can we do for you?

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    International companies like adidas, Swarovski, Egger and Silhouette innovate their digital B-2-B sales and replace outdated showroom concepts. They present their whole product catalogs digitally, link them

    with existing core systems and integrate them into digital product lifecycle management. Excellent performance and perfect user experience are the basics of future sales and sales management.